TV’s Mr Sexy: the naked truth about my hour with Jon Hamm

“Even heterosexual men were swooning” at Bafta’s Mad Men event, says TV editor Alison Graham


Jon Hamm is so supernaturally handsome I wonder how he can exist in a world with the rest of us. Does he eat in special restaurants reserved for the dazzling? Does he drive a car with features designed to save only the ravishing in an accident?


Though, as he took to the stage, impeccably suited and shod and a bit stubbly for a Bafta Mad Men event last night, he certainly seemed to be breathing the same air as the unblessed. I didn’t notice an oxygen tank marked “For Use Only by the Exquisitely Beautiful”.

In the flesh, Jon Hamm is so good-looking you want to laugh, then cheer, then perhaps have a little cry as you recite poetry. He makes his closed-down, cruel ad man character, Don Draper, seem plain.

Writing about him, I sound like a 12-year-old gushing to Fabulous 208 magazine about David Cassidy. And hold on, because I am now going to type this sentence: Jon Hamm has grown into his beauty. Yes, I know. But really, you should have seen him. Even heterosexual men were swooning.


Like all proper stars (see George Clooney), Hamm has an easy charm. He batted away presenter Jo Whiley’s marshmallow questions; no, he couldn’t say anything about season five of Mad Men (starting on Sky Atlantic on 27 March); yes, he has a reputation as a practical joker on the set. Mad Men will end with series seven. At this point, as one, the audience loudly muttered ‘NO!’ And then, with a smile (200 watt, of course) he was gone.