Filming begins on new Alan Partridge series

Season two of Mid Morning Matters is currently being shot for Sky Atlantic


Production has begun on the second series of Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge.


Armando Iannucci, who is one of the programme’s writers, made the announcement via Twitter this morning, saying: “Been filming brand new Mid Morning Matters this week.”

Details about the content of the new series are scarce, although writer Rob Gibbons has revealed that Alan “tackles gang culture head-on” during its first three episodes.

Sky Atlantic has picked up the rights to make a second series of the Steve Coogan-fronted comedy programme after the first was made as an online exclusive for Foster’s lager.

The first run of Mid Morning Matters saw Alan Partridge, the socially maladroit middle-aged DJ played by Coogan, reduced to hosting a banal talk show on a north Norfolk digital radio station, and was released as 12 10- to 15-minute videos in 2010.

This series is reportedly due to be re-edited into six 30-minute episodes for broadcast on Sky Atlantic.

See the first ever episode of Mid Morning Matters below: