Matt Smith: “I’d like to direct movies”

Doctor Who star talks about his future - and says show has just signed "exciting" guest star

He’s about to throw himself into months of intensive work on new episodes of Doctor Who – but Matt Smith is once again looking towards his future outside the show. In a new interview, he’s reiterated his desire to graduate to the silver screen.


This time, Smith hinted that he’d like to be behind the camera. Asked by The Guardian if he was considering a move into films, he said: “God yeah, absolutely – I’d quite like to direct.”

Smith said he was already talking about a specific project to Simon Stephens – author of the plays Punk Rock, Wastwater and On the Shore of the Wide World, the last of which featured Smith in 2005. “It’s a way down the line,” Smith explained. “[But] we’re on the road. It’s just trying to find a window to do it, because obviously my filming commitments take up so long. Ahh, there’s plenty of time!”

Of the new Who series, which begins filming on 20 February and continues for the rest of the year, Smith said: “I’m very excited. It’s a long shoot, but we’ve got four or five scripts which look in really good shape. The casting is going very well. I found out a lovely bit of news this morning actually, about somebody who’s going to be in it. I couldn’t possibly tell you, but it’s exciting. You’ll know him. 

“Or her,” added Smith after a pause, keen to give nothing away. 

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said. “I love making it.”


As well as hankering after cinema work, Smith – who is the patron of the Young Writers Festival at London’s Royal Court theatre, where the interview was conducted – said the stage was calling him. “I’m itching to come back,” he enthused. “I’d love to come and work here. I’m trying to grow a Chekhovian beard, which I just can’t. It’s patchy and rubbish.”