You’ve Been Tubed: from robot helicopters to North Korean accordions

Watch the best of this week's quirky, funny viral videos, hand-picked by our top experts


1. Rise of the Planet of the Synchronised Metal Insects


Boffins at the University of Pennsylvania show off their Nano Quadrotors, tiny flying robots that can hover, spin and fly in formation. Not because there are geeks hiding off-camera with a remote control each: these metal mosquitoes are autonomous. They’re checking where their friends are by themselves. The final figure-of-eight trick is an absolute jaw-dropper.

Let’s face it, the next stage for the Quadrotors clearly isn’t far away, and it’s to rise up and kill their human masters. I for one welcome our new buzzing, choreographed overlords…

2. That one’s definitely my elbow… no! Wait!

How ignorant are American high-school students? Depends what you mean by ignorant. Surely thinking Canada is one of America’s 50 states (or is it 52?) is a perfectly understandable error. And naming all the countries that border the US? No fair! There are too many of them to count!

3. Straight talking

Just for balance, proof that the US of A isn’t so unenlightened, at least not all the time. A Washington state debate on gay marriage last week threw up this insightful, impassioned speech from Republican representative Maureen Walsh. Fun fact: it went viral after it was put on YouTube by George Takei, aka Mr Sulu out of Star Trek.

4. A baby playing table tennis

Footage of a baby who can barely sit up somehow playing table tennis. That boy is GOOD.

5. DPRK on Me


North Korean children deliver a brilliant accordion-quintet cover of Take on Me by A-ha. Celebration of humanity’s inextinguishable creative expression, or distasteful exploitation of kids doomed to a life of deprivation, who probably won’t be allowed to watch their own YouTube video? Enjoy the sheer squeezebox-tastic fabness of the music while you decide.