Quiz: Which Muppet are you?

Are you a Kermit, or more of an Animal? Take our quiz and find out...

The Muppets are back in cinemas this weekend with their trademark brand of fun and mayhem. Every Muppet is unique but, if there’s one thing Jim Henson’s creations have taught us, it’s that each character brings something valuable to the show. So what are your strengths and weaknesses? Take our fun quiz and find out which Muppet you are…


What’s your favourite TV show?

a. Later with Jools Holland
b. Total Wipeout
c. Live at the Apollo
d. How to Look Good Naked
e. The News
f. The X Factor

What’s your idea of a great night out?

a. Speed dating
b. Paintballing
c. Visit to a comedy club
d. An all-you-can-eat buffet with your beloved
e. Trip to the theatre
f. Staying in

What quality do you look for in your ideal partner?

a. No-strings relationship 
b. Optimism
c. Great sense of humour
d. Good looks
e. Supportiveness
f. Honesty

Your best friend is in crisis. How do you make them feel better?

a. Take them to the pub, get drunk and hog the karaoke machine
b. Go bungee-jumping, sky-diving or snowboarding – nothing focuses the mind like danger!
c. Help them find the humour in their situation 
d. Tell them about your own problems – they need to get their priorities right!
e. Talk to them on the phone for hours and offer practical solutions
f. Encourage them to write a book about their experiences – it’ll give you a chance to poke fun at them anonymously in internet forums

Which of these colours is your favourite?

a. Red
b. Blue
c. Orange
d. Pink 
e. Green
f. Grey

Who is your favourite celebrity?

a. Keith Moon 
b. Bear Grylls
c. Peter Kay
d. Madonna

e. David Attenborough
f. I don’t have one, the whole idea of celebrity is ridiculous

Who is your favourite Doctor Who companion?

a. Amy Pond
b. Ace
c. Donna Noble
d. Tegan
e. Rory
f. They’re all annoying. Why can’t the Doctor travel on his own?

How do you think Sherlock survived in The Reichenbach Fall?

a. Dunno, but I hope sexy Irene Adler was involved, so she can come back in series three
b. No idea – I just think the stunt looks great
c. Magic!
d. He couldn’t possibly have done it without Molly, the woman who loves him 
e. Through careful pre-planning
f. He clearly never jumped at all

The moment of truth… Tot up your answers and find out which Muppet you’re most like!

Mostly As You are Animal. Everything in life excites you. There are so many opportunities out there – especially a date with that hot chick/hunk – why do things by halves? Sometimes you get so fired up by an idea you can be a little scary, but actually you’re more thoughtful and deeper than many give you credit for.

Mostly Bs You are Gonzo. Whether it’s extreme sports or just a new way of working, if there’s a risk to be taken, you’ll seize it with both hands. One of a kind, you’re an optimistic daredevil who will dedicate yourself completely to a cause – regardless of its chances of success.  

Mostly Cs Like Fozzie Bear, you believe life is for laughing. And you’re determined to spread that belief around, whether people find your jokes funny or not. But even if they don’t like your puns and pranks, they won’t be able to resist your endless optimism. Just as Fozzie will try his hand at anything – be it ventriloquism, roller-skating or magic – you’re always keen to learn new skills, too. 

Mostly Ds Like Miss Piggy, you know you look good, have bags of talent – and only the best is good enough for you. What harm can it do to tell people all that? It just gives them more reason to love you! You’ll do anything to be the centre of attention and when you set your heart on something, you won’t take no for an answer…  

Mostly Es You are Kermit. Generally calm and centred, you’re the person everyone turns to in a crisis. You can get angry if people take you for granted and occasionally panic when the chaos you’re dealing with threatens to overwhelm even your considerable powers. But you have a big heart and will never want for friends.


Mostly Fs Statler and Waldorf might very well ask you to join them in the balcony – if they could be bothered to make a new friend, that is. Don’t hold your breath. OK, so occasionally you’re grumpy and a bit over-critical: so what? It’s important to tell the truth sometimes, right? And even if no one else gets the joke, at least you find yourself funny…