Foyle’s War could return in 2013

Creator Anthony Horowitz and star Julian Ovenden suggest more episodes are in the pipeline


ITV1 detective drama Foyle’s War may be returning for an eighth series, according to writer Anthony Horowitz and one of its stars, Julian Ovenden.


The programme, which features Michael Kitchen as Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, has already made one unexpected comeback. It was axed by ITV after its sixth series but reinstated following an outcry from devotees.

Series writer Anthony Horowitz, also famed for his Alex Rider books for children, was the first to hint at fresh episodes in his blog in December, when he wrote: “It’s not definite but we may be coming back in 2013 and I’ve already started the research.”

Now Ovenden, 35, who plays Foyle’s son Andrew in the Second World War drama, says talks are currently under way to bring it back:

“It sounds like it is a genuine possibility. It’ll be great to go back and explore the character. You see it on American TV, where someone is in a series for six or seven years. It allows you an amazing opportunity to create a very rounded, three-dimensional character.


“It’ll be very interesting to see what happens if we do it again, particularly because the war is over now [in the series]. It’s an interesting conundrum.”