Zooey Deschanel stars in interactive New Girl music video

See the star of the Channel 4 comedy singing the show's theme song in a brand-new video clip

Fox has released an interactive music video starring Zooey Deschanel to promote her comedy series, New Girl.


The video sees Deschanel in character as Jess singing the show’s theme tune, Hey Girl.

In addition to the interactive version of the song on Fox’s website, which invites users to decide what Deschanel’s character does throughout the video, the broadcaster has posted cast members’ favourite versions of the clip on YouTube.

New Girl is one of Fox’s most successful new comedy series, and is currently airing on Channel 4 in this country.

The show, which received two Golden Globe nominations in December 2011, follows the life of Jess, a kooky girl given to breaking into spontaneous song, after she moves into a flatshare with three men.

See Zooey Deschanel’s preferred version of the video at the top of this post and the favourite of actress Hannah Simone, who plays Cece Meyers on the show, below: