Saturday Night Live’s spoof promo for Downton Abbey

Watch the frat boy-style advertisement for the hit ITV1 drama

Think you know Downton Abbey? Think again. American TV staple Saturday Night Live has created a spoof trailer for the ITV1 series, done in the style of lads’ channel Spike TV.


During the two-minute video, the three Crawley sisters are named as “Hot”, “Way Hot” and “the Other One”, while Dame Maggie Smith’s Dowager is referred to as “this old lady that looks like a chicken”.

It goes on to refer to the house’s servants as “the tuxedo people who live in a basement” whose shared characteristic is that “they all have to stand up at the same time”.

NBC’s skit is further proof of how popular Downton Abbey has become in the US, where it is shown on the public service station PBS. The second season began a month ago to audiences of 4.2m, while Hollywood actress Shirley MacLaine was recently cast as the mother of Lady Grantham (Elizabeth McGovern) in the forthcoming third series.