You’ve Been Tubed: from Doctor Who to sloths and Segways

This week's best viral videos, hand-picked just for you


1. Golden wonders
It’s a growing trend on YouTube: the collaborative music or film project, where thousands of users take advantage of speedy modern audio-visual technology to create something big and special.


This is a corker. Doctor Who fans, hundreds of them, produce a unique cover of one of composer Murray Gold’s most popular pieces, from the Billie Piper era of new Who.

2. Sloth attack!

A quite extraordinary clip from Ellen DeGeneres’ US chat show, in which Kristen Bell recalls the day her boyfriend hired her a sloth for her birthday (for Hollywood starlets, a book token and a meal for two at Pizza Express just doesn’t cut it). Even the suspicion that a sloth might be on the doorstep caused Bell, who quite likes sloths, to have a spectacular emotional meltdown, which her boyfriend helpfully filmed as a souvenir. Bell tells the story with a mix of self-deprecation and, well, another emotional meltdown.

3. Segway? Wrong way

Ever wondered how cricket on TV gets those sweeping shots of the players warming up? The camera operator’s not suspended on wires or driving a golf buggy – he’s riding a Segway, the silly alternative to running. Cricket fans know that there’s only one foreign object lying around in the outfield, and that’s the fielding team’s spare helmet – if the batsman gets the ball to hit it he scores 5, but if the Segway-riding cameraman hits it, he just scores a few YouTube hits.

4. A dog watching a game of table tennis

It’s a dog watching a game of table tennis. You can guess what happens. But it’s funny.

5. iPod Nano? No, no, no


Cross-generational LOLZ here as someone born in 1999 – yes, feel old – is confronted by the long-playing record, a remnant of the late Triassic period on which sounds were primitively recorded. It holds about 15 songs, her dad explains, despite being bigger than Alan Partridge’s special big plate. Amaze!