Today or Chris Moyles: take our breakfast radio challenge

Play our revealing quiz to find out whether you like to seize Today or think Chris is Moyles better...


New audience figures released this morning show that Radio 4’s Today programme is neck and neck with Radio 1’s Chris Moyles Show in the battle for breakfast time, each boasting over seven million weekly listeners.


Whether you consider yourself a dyed-in-the-wool Todayer, a committed Chris Moyles fan or don’t currently listen to either show, take our revealing quiz to find out which personality type you really are, and who you should be waking up with each morning…

How to play: simply choose option A or B for each question (do answer honestly!) and make a note of your choice. At the end of the quiz, count up the As and the Bs, then read on…

1. Which is your dream holiday?

Club 18-30 trip to Magaluf – B

Camping on the outskirts of Kabul – A

2. Who’s your favourite celebrity?

Pink – B

Rabbi Lionel Blue – A

3. You have fond memories of watching…

The X Factor – B

The Krypton Factor – A

4. Who do you find most inspiring?

Winston Churchill – A

Churchill the nodding dog – B

5. What’s your idea of a fun night out?

Going to a pub quiz – B

Staying in to watch Mastermind – A

6. Who has made the biggest cultural impact?

Shakespeare – A

Shakespear’s Sister – B

7. Which do you spend more time comparing?

Markets – A

Meerkats – B

8. Facebook is…

A useful tool for keeping up with friends and sharing news – B

Used almost exclusively by illiterate teenagers – A

9. First thing in the morning, you prefer to be…

Depressed – A

Annoyed – B

What your scores mean…

Mostly As: 


“Start your day with Today” is your motto. You don’t feel ready to face the world until you’ve heard a cabinet minister made to repeat the same phrase three times in an attempt to evade John Humphrys’s aggressive line of questioning

Mostly Bs: 
“Radio 1 is Moyles better” is your motto. You can only be woken from your morning slumber by hysterical screaming and “ironic” brain-hammering jingles. Once awake, you get your grey matter going with a round of guess the celebrity, and warm up your texting thumb with the Pub Quiz 

A mixture of As and Bs: You might like to try the Chris Evans show over on Radio 2

Thanks for playing!