Bad boy Terry Duckworth returns to Coronation Street

Actor Nigel Pivaro will be back on screens in the spring, announces ITV

He’s more evil than Frank Foster, has more screws loose than Tony Gordon and now he’s back in Weatherfield. Yes, Jack and Vera’s wayward offspring, Terry, played once again by Nigel Pivaro, will return to Coronation Street in the spring, unaware that the son he sold is now living in the neighbourhood.


His explosive comeback will cause shock waves with the residents when his reason for returning is revealed.

Producer Phil Collinson said: “I’m very excited to be welcoming arch villain Terry Duckworth back to Coronation Street. I grew up watching him duck and dive and break his parents’ hearts – a deliciously evil performance from Nigel Pivaro. This time, though, he’ll not only be blighting the life of his son, Tommy, but the lives of every resident of Coronation Street with a typically audacious scheme.”

Terry was last seen in Weatherfield on the day of his mother Vera’s funeral in January 2008. Tyrone contacted him following Jack’s death in 2010, but callous son Terry couldn’t be bothered to attend his own father’s funeral.

But now he is back and Tommy is about to find out the truth about his errant dad.

Nigel Pivaro said: “I am elated to be returning to Coronation Street, which as a Salfordian has been part of my life for nearly 50 years, not just as a character in the show, but as a fan long before becoming an actor.

“Despite enjoying so many other acting roles and spending the last five years as a journalist, I am always proud to carry Terry with me. Therefore when producer Phil Collinson talked about Terry returning it was an offer I did not want to refuse.

“Part of the excitement is that as the show has changed with so many different characters and set-ups, it will present Terry with a completely different landscape. I am going to enjoy rediscovering his roots, the changes that have taken place and his reaction. I relish creating an interesting new rapport with Chris (Fountain) who plays Terry’s son, Tommy.”


Watch a clip of Terry attending his mum Vera’s funeral below: