BBC3’s investigation into lack of gay footballers nets 50 per cent increase in viewers

The documentary presented by Justin Fashanu’s niece was watched by 712,000


Britain’s Gay Footballers was watched by 712,000 viewers on BBC3 last night, more than a 50 per cent increase on the average for the 9 to 10pm slot on the digital channel.


The documentary followed Amal Fashanu as she investigated the lack of openly gay footballers in Britain, with reference to her uncle, Justin Fashanu, the former England footballer who committed suicide in 1998 after revealing to the press that he was gay.

The programme involved conversations with Justin’s brother and Amal’s father, ex-Wimbledon player John Fashanu, who described his sibling as “an outcast” following the revelation 13 years ago.

Britain’s Gay Footballers beat BBC3’s 12-month slot average of 470k (1.9 per cent share) by over 50 per cent and is currently among the most popular downloads on the BBC’s iPlayer catch-up service.


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