Original cast confirmed for Arrested Development new series

The resurrected comedy show will premiere on streaming service Netflix

The original cast of cult US comedy Arrested Development has signed up to take part in the upcoming new series, according to one of the show’s writers.


Dean Lorey confirmed on his blog that the line-up will be the same and that the series will premiere at some point next year via on-demand streaming service Netflix, which launched in the UK earlier this month.

“We’re really doing this thing,” wrote Lorey. “[Creator] Mitch Hurwitz, [writer] Jim Vallely and I are off writing the new season of Arrested Development to premiere on Netflix in 2013. The original cast is back. 

“There are offices and parking spaces. We’re shooting this year. I wish I could give more specifics but, for the moment, even the schedule is being kept under wraps. But it’s happening and it’s great to be back with my pals from the show.”

It was announced late last year that the cancelled show is to return for a movie, with a nine- or ten-part series to be broadcast leading up to the film’s release filling in the events of the five years since the show was cancelled.

The original cast includes Jason Bateman, now a successful movie actor, Portia de Rossi and Michael Cera, and is narrated by uncredited Hollywood film director Ron Howard.


Arrested Development, about a dysfunctional family running a real estate company, was originally broadcast in the US on the Fox network between 2003 and 2006 and was first shown in this country on BBC2. Despite the low ratings that led to its cancellation, it was critically acclaimed and gained a devoted following.