You’ve Been Tubed: from Roger Federer to Alec Baldwin

Also in this week's best viral videos: a comedy epic outside a Scunthorpe crisp factory


1. R Federer c Ballboy b Nadal 0


Catch of the week, but not from a cricket pitch – it’s the Australian Open tennis and, after a bad serve, Federer swats the ball off-court, only for it to be brilliantly plucked out of the air by a ballboy.

The ballboy coolly resumes his crouch. The crowd goes wild. Federer, however, is in the zone and completely ignores the whole thing. 

2. Nine-and-three-quarter weeks

Is there anything less sexy than Harry Potter? The dust, the long beards, Daniel Radcliffe’s glasses. It’s not really erotica. It’s er-NOT-ica. Or so you might think. But there’s sexy fan fiction for everything these days, as evidenced here where none other than Lord Voldemort reads out some poor soul’s imagined physical encounter between Lord V and Harry himself. (Warning: contains adult themes, although once Fiennes got started we were a little bit disappointed when he suddenly stopped.)

3. The people v Golden Wonder

A Scunthorpe man videos the outside of the local Golden Wonder crisp factory. Their security guard asks him to move on, but he holds his ground, correctly arguing that he is on public property. Thanks to the man’s persistence and the guard’s seemingly endless repertoire of synonyms for “please go away”, this apparently cut-and-dried situation becomes a cryingly funny five-minute comedy epic. It’s like a collaboration between Samuel Beckett, Abbott & Costello and Victoria Wood. (Warning: contains some swearing. But it’s funny swearing.)

4. “Watch out! WATCH OUT!”

At first there’s something serene, balletic, almost beautiful about this cameraphone montage of drivers ignoring warnings and sliding down a snow-covered hill in Utah. And you almost – almost – have to admire the guy who just floors it and nearly gets away with it. Then towards the end it gets a bit terrifying.

5. A Baldwin, Esq


How cool is Alec Baldwin? In this clip from CNN’s nightly interview show, the star of 30 Rock and Thomas and the Magic Railroad not only riffs amusingly about his love life – he also unleashes a nigh-on perfect British accent. (Warning: contains Piers Morgan.)