Harry Hill hints at TV Burp exit

Comic apparently confirms that new series will be his last


Harry Hill has apparently confirmed long-standing rumours that the forthcoming series of TV Burp will be his last. 


The comedian, who has hosted the Saturday-night hit on ITV1 since 2002, today wrote on his blog: “The New (and , it seems last) series of TV Burp starts up on the 4th Feb and finishes 8 shows later at the end of March in a huge finale – SO MAKE THE MOST OF IT !!!”

In September, newspaper reports – not featuring quotes from Hill himself – had suggested that he would decline to renew his contract with ITV, which runs out this year, and that he had turned down a £1m pay rise to quit TV Burp and spend more time with his family.

Hill had previously been quoted as saying: “It is a drag. One year I did 21 shows – most series are only eight. At the end of it I was completely mental” and joking that the pressure of making the programme had left him “suicidal”.


Although Hill’s use of the word “seems” might suggest that negotiations are still ongoing – and even that he would like to make more TV Burps – it would appear that ITV are looking to focus him on other projects. Peter Fincham, the broadcaster’s director of television, this week told industry magazine Broadcast: “We’ve got a relationship with Harry Hill and we’re in discussions about a range of things for the future. He’s been doing TV Burp for a very long time and I think he wants to take a break from doing two series a year, and I can understand that.”