Steven Moffat: Sherlock and Watson will have “a lifelong relationship”

Moffat and co-creator Mark Gatiss already seem to be looking beyond series three


Having already confirmed that Sherlock series three is definitely on the way, co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have strongly hinted that the hit BBC1 drama could run for a lot longer than that. 


“These are still the formative years of Sherlock Holmes,” Moffat said. “The most important thing about this series is not that it’s updated. It’s the fact that those two men are still young and they’re still at the beginning of what they don’t know is going to be a lifelong relationship.”

Gatiss, while discussing the closing minutes of second series finale The Reichenbach Fall, commented: “The scale of the stories means that we’ve got to the death of Sherlock Holmes within six episodes. They’re big stories with themes of love and fear and death, and we want to see [Sherlock and John] go through the fire. That doesn’t mean that by the end of this they’ve reached the end of their possibilities.”

The pair were speaking as part of the documentary Sherlock Uncovered, which features on the DVD release of series two, to be released on Monday 23 January.

Following transmission of Sunday’s final episode, the pair admitted that a third batch of episodes had been commissioned at the same time as series two, although no date has yet been set for Sherlock’s return.


Star Benedict Cumberbatch is currently filming the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek, while Martin Freeman is soon to be seen as Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s big-screen version of The Hobbit.