Benedict Cumberbatch on how Sherlock fell

The behind-the-scenes secrets of the detective's leap, as revealed in a DVD documentary


It’s a moment that’s been picked apart on internet forums and in the press, but how did actor Benedict Cumberbatch feel about filming Sherlock’s dramatic plunge from a rooftop in last Sunday’s perplexing finale?


“Doing the fall was really exciting,” he reveals in the documentary Sherlock Uncovered, which features on the DVD of series two (released on Monday 23 January). “That’s me up on the roof. That’s not me jumping off the roof, but that’s me jumping off a smaller roof onto a lower roof, which is about four feet. And then that cuts to me on a wire dropping about 70 feet, I think, onto a massive inflated bag.

“It’s fast, not terminal velocity as there’s a tiny brake on it because they need to slow down before the end… but it’s pretty bloody fast.”


The final scene from The Reichenbach Fall revealed that Sherlock had survived his confrontation with Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott), but viewers have been left pondering the whys and wherefores. Earlier in the week, co-creator Steven Moffat told Radio Times that “there’s one clue that everyone’s missed. It’s something that Sherlock did that was very out of character, but which nobody has picked up on.”