Video: Craig Colton on life after The X Factor

At the RT Covers Party, Craig chats about his album... and his legendary hair


X Factor contestant Craig Colton was among the stars at last night’s Radio Times Covers Party – on the eve of his first day recording his debut album.


Colton said he’d enjoyed spotting Holly Valance, Graham Norton and the cast of Coronation Street at the event – although one Corrie actor, Antony Cotton, was starstruck when he rushed up to profess his love for Colton’s singing, just before Craig spoke to RT.


“I start recording tomorrow, then in February we go on tour,” Colton said. And anyone expecting a record full of cover versions – such as Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, Colton’s most popular X Factor performance – will be surprised: “I’m writing it all myself. I’ve been writing since I was ten years old. Now I’ve been given the chance to work with some big people, so I’m going to put all those things that I’ve written over the years to good use, and see what happens. It worked for Rebecca Ferguson, so I’m hoping this scouser can do it as well.”