You’ve Been Tubed: from dancing books to diving catches

This week's best viral videos, rounded up, stunned and captured just for you


1. A bookshop story
The people who own and work at Type, a Toronto bookstore, spent night after night after night creating this glorious stop-motion film, which sees the books come to life when the customers have all gone home – Toy Story style – and dance round the shop.


“There’s nothing quite like a real book,” says the caption at the end. Indeed not – nor anything like an independent shop staffed by the sort of folk who would dream this up and then dedicate countless hours to making it. If you’re popping down to Type this weekend, expect a crush: this clip has had a million YouTube views in a week.

2. Million-dollar satire

A satirical nut well and truly sledgehammered to bits, but in fine style. This parody of beauty advertisements makes the not wholly original point that perfect-looking celebrity role models who parade in magazines have benefited not from expensive skincare, but from digitally altered photography. Yet Jesse Ruston’s clip is so snappily written and directed – it looks as good as what it’s taking off, which is where 99% of online spoofs fall down – that it hardly matters.

3. Snap, cack yourself, plop

This column has always declined invitations to bungee, both for fear of bursting a blood vessel in the eye, and due to a completely unsupported conviction that the people running bungee jumps are bound to be lunk-headed, shorts-wearing bullies. Anyway, much worse befell Australian tourist Erin Langworthy last week, as her jump over the Zambezi failed to go to plan quite majorly.

4. Band copes with instrument crisis

Five people play a song on one guitar = a staggering 16 million hits. The guy on the right with the beard has got a cracking solo album in him, we’re sure of it.

5. Howzat!


Is this the greatest cricket catch of all time? If so, it’s from an unlikely source: Central Stags v Northern Knights in New Zealand’s domestic Twenty20 league. Bevan Small brilliantly takes the ball out of the air, but his dive is sending him over the boundary rope…