David Attenborough: “I’m the daddy”

The natural history narrator explains why so many people want him to do their voicemail messages


Sir David Attenborough says he is “bombarded” by requests from people wanting him to record voicemail messages for them.


“It happens all the time,” said the legendary natural history broadcaster. “People even ask me to send them recorded messages for their weddings!”

He does, it’s true, have a voice you might imagine belonged to the Creator (if you imagined that a Creator existed) but Attenborough has a more scientific explanation for the popularity of his dulcet tones.

“When a bird hatches, the first thing it hears and sees is deeply imprinted in its psyche,” he told The Sun.

“Humans aren’t quite as imprintable as that, but I still think that since I’ve been doing this for ages, a lot of people first heard my voice when they were three or four.


“So there might be a whole population of television viewers who are imprinted with my voice. They see me as their daddy bird…”