First look: Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch as the new Star Trek villain?

Could these amazing shots be Cumberbatch in his latest role(s)? Decide for yourself...


Are these the first shots of Benedict Cumberbatch in his new role(s) as the arch-villain(s) in Star Trek II? Could he really be playing four characters in one film, like Eddie Murphy? Am I going to land a job as a graphic designer off the back of this little lot? No, no and quite possibly.


But while the images below may not be entirely genuine, they do give a feel for what Benedict might look like as some classic Trek villains. Perhaps they’ll even provide director JJ Abrams with some inspiration. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll make Hollywood studios start to wonder why they spend millions on make-up and special effects when an (albeit hugely gifted) amateur like myself can achieve results like these with just 20 minutes on Photoshop.


Klingon or off? Many fans don’t buy the idea of Benedict as a Klingon warrior – this could make them think again…

Khaaaaan!? The Wrath of Khan was the second instalment in the original movie series but JJ’s timeline is different, so people have been wondering whether Khan will feature. If this doesn’t convince him, nothing will…

Romulan Schmomulan? We know Romulan commander Nero died in the first movie but could his cousin Schmero be back for the sequel?

Q? Q: Would Benedict make an amazing Q? A: Yes!


What do you think of these amazing pictures of Benedict? Which role would you most like to see him play? Do you have need of a talented graphic designer? Post a comment below and let me know.