Celebrity Big Brother 2012: MC Romeo

Is the former So Solid Crew member as much of a ladies' man as his name suggests?


Name: MC Romeo


Age: 31

Famous for: So Solid Crew member

Bio: MC Romeo was a member of So Solid Crew, best known for their 2001 number one track 21 Seconds, and had a short-lived solo career that nevertheless resulted in two top ten hits, including a duet with Christina Milian.

He has TV show pedigree too, having taken part in Channel 4’s Olympics-style contest The Games and lived up to his name, picking the single girl from a group of four in Fool around with… Romeo. 

Romeo sounds like he could be a ladies’ man – let’s just hope the ladies don’t find out his real name is Marvin Dawkins…


It’s All Gravy, baby…