Terry Gilliam picks the best scene from his films

The controversial director of Brazil and The Fisher King chooses a single scene from all his movies

Ex-Python Terry Gilliam has made some of the most extraordinary of British movies: if not in terms of imagination and lavish expense, then because there have even been films made about the films he didn’t manage to finish. But from Brazil through Twelve Monkeys and Time Bandits, there is one scene he says is the very best he’s ever done.


“It’s in Baron Munchausen. There’s a scene where they go to the moon, and there’s this big storm and then suddenly we cut to what looks like a starscape,” he said, speaking to ideas blog The 99%.

“And then the little boat comes in, but it’s upside-down, it’s the wrong way around, and then the stars disappear and become sand. It was all done in one shot, which I know I was trying to do.

“But it wasn’t until we actually turned the film and pulled that, and we did the light change, and I actually went ‘ohhhhhh, that’s fantastic’. 


“And that was one of those moments that all the planning wasn’t as good as the final result. The final result was a quantum leap. Those are nice moments.”