Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch: “I can’t escape being a posh actor”

Cumberbatch reveals his worries over being type-cast, and we run an eye over the new series of Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch says he is often type-cast because of his privileged upbringing. 


“Being a posh actor in England, you can’t escape class-typing, from whatever side you look at it,” he explains in an interview in the new issue of Radio Times magazine.

“I realised quite early on that, although I wasn’t trying to make a career speciality of it, I was playing slightly asexual, sociopathic intellectuals.”

RT interviewed the Sherlock actor, along with his co-star Martin Freeman, ahead of the new series, starting on New Year’s Day.

The first episode, A Scandal in Belgravia, sees the arrival of Irene Adler (Lara Pulver), dubbed simply “The woman” by Conan Doyle’s detective. Holmes must face international terrorism and blackmail in the British government in this gripping opening episode.

Episode two, The Hounds of Baskerville, really gives the fans what they want with Sherlock’s most notorious case. The show’s co-creator Steven Moffat, speaking in this week’s Radio Times magazine said “everyone wants to know how we’re going to do the effing dog”, but it looks like he’s keeping the ‘monstrous hound’ under wraps.

We finally meet the elusive villain Moriarty (Andrew Scott) in episode three. In The Reichenbach Falls Holmes and Watson must face their biggest challenge to date as London is plunged in to chaos.

Get the new issue of Radio Times magazine to find out what Martin Freeman really thinks about working with heart-throb Benedict Cumberbatch and why his nickname for him is ‘Cumberlord’. 


Meanwhile, the leading man admits that fame has “the most extraordinary perks and experiences” and co-writer Steven Moffat talks about his life-long obsession with Holmes and the all-important relationship between the detective and his faithful sidekick.