Second series of Life’s Too Short planned for 2013

Ricky Gervais reveals that a new series of the Warwick Davis-fronted comedy is in the works

Anyone wondering whether Warwick Davis will be able to turn his life around after last night’s Life’s Too Short finale will have to sit tight until spring 2013, according to the show’s creator, Ricky Gervais.


The former David Brent made the announcement on his Twitter feed earlier today that a second series of the programme was in development, tweeting: “FAQ Second Series of Life’s Too Short Planned for spring 2013.”

He also revealed that there would be a special episode of Karl Pilkington’s Sky1 travel series, too, adding: “An Idiot Abroad Special: The Short Way Round planned for end of 2012.”

The Short Way Round will allegedly see Karl Pilkington travel the globe on a moped, with Warwick Davis in a basket on the front.

Life’s Too Short came to a sad end last night as Warwick lost his home and his wife, and was embarrassingly ejected from a celebrity function after insulting the musician Sting.


Gervais hinted that his fortunes may change in the future, though, saying that: “Warwick hits rock bottom. But there’s hope” in response to another Twitter user’s query about Life’s Too Short.