Agyness Deyn and the supermodels turned actresses

As the British model aims to join the likes of Milla Jovovich and Lily Cole, could a career in sci-fi beckon?

The news is catwalk queen Agyness Deyn has landed a role in the West End next year in dinner party comedy The Leisure Society. But she’s far from the first supermodel to turn actress.


We’ve picked out five further talented clotheshorses who’ve strutted straight off the runway and onto our screens. It turns out most of them have something else in common too – a propensity for sci-fi/fantasy roles. So could our Aggy be headed in the same direction? A brief appearance as Aphrodite in last year’s remake of Clash of the Titans suggests she’s on the right track…

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich hit the big time as Leeloo in Luc Besson’s sci-fi actioner The Fifth Element, before cementing her name as the queen of kick-ass in the zombie-infested Resident Evil series. Prior to acting, Milla made the cover of The Face, Vogue and Cosmpolitan, and has booked campaigns for labels ranging from Christian Dior to Versace. She was even “international spokesmodel” for L’Oreal cosmetics don’t you know. Here’s she is taking out a load of bad guys in futuristic action thriller Ultraviolet.

Natasha Henstridge

Henstridge featured on her first major magazine cover – the French version of Cosmopolitan – at the tender age of 15, but is best known to sci-fi fans as the deadly alien seductress in the Species films. Roles that don’t involve copious nudity and disembowellings include the wife of Bruce Willis’s hit man, opposite Matthew Perry, in comedy The Whole Nine Yards…

Tricia Helfer

Yet another of our models to have found a home in the warm embrace of science-fiction, Tricia Helfer played Cylon Number Six – and her many incarnations – in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series. Tricia’s modelling career – which began when she was spotted standing in line at a cinema – has taken in campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Versace, Chanel and Armani, and led to her fronting the first series of Canada’s Next Top Model.

Lily Cole

Britain’s very own supermodel-turned-actress, Lily Cole has graced the US, British, Italian, Japanese and Korean versions of Vogue and done the international catwalk circuit for Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace and Louis Vuitton, to name but a few. And, never fear, she also fulfils our sci-fi/fantasy criteria, having starred in Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, opposite Heath Ledger, and in Doctor Who episode The Curse of the Black Spot as a sea siren of alien origin…

Elle Macpherson

Elle “The Body” Macpherson has featured on the cover of (appropriately) Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Playboy (and at the age of 47 is about to do a new nude shoot for Hugh Heffner) as well as gracing catwalks around the world. Her acting career began in the movie Sirens, where she played an artist’s model opposite Hugh Grant, and has also cast her as Sir Anthony Hopkins’s wife in wilderness adventure The Edge and Joey Tribbiani’s roommate in Friends. Sadly, Elle lets the side down slightly when it comes to the sci-fi/fantasy side of things – the best we can come up with is a role in misguided superhero flick Batman & Robin.