TV’s top celebrities on their ideal Christmas

BBC stars from David Jason to Graham Norton and Tess Daly reveal their hopes for the big day


Radio Times nabbed the stars of this year’s BBC1 festive trails and asked them about Christmas Day: what are they hoping for under the tree and what are they looking forward to that will make their day special?


Graham Norton
“I want to get the present buying out of the way. I hate it and overcompensate for the little time I spend on it by spending lots – and yet I still never manage to buy anything anyone wants.”

Sir David Jason
“What am I looking forward to this Christmas? The New Year. I like the feasting and drinking but not the socks I get given. The excitement of Christmas is long gone. I leave that to the kids.”

Sian Williams

Not to have to wake up at four in the morning for once on Christmas Day – although I will still be woken up by my children jumping up and down on my bed at six shouting, ‘He’s been! He’s been!'”

Bill Turnbull
“Now that my children have grown up they’ve gone their separate ways. But I will lock them in for the day and we are spending it en famille. I can’t wait.”

Chris Hollins 
“Lazing around in my pyjamas until I get told off at about 11 and forced into proper clothes for lunch. I’m coaxed with champagne – is that too early?”

Carol Kirkwood
“It would be fabulous to wake up on Christmas morning to snow – although I fear I am going to be working. I always take in mistletoe – I’m hoping Sean Bean might pop by this year.”

John Torode
“Christmas should be on a beach with a barbie. If I can’t have that, I want snow. And if I can’t have that, I’m going to stamp my feet.”

June Brown
“I spent Christmas with friends last year, which you can’t really do as a mother and grandmother. I felt really guilty, but it was so nice to shirk my responsibilities. I’d quite like to do that again!”

Julia Bradbury
“It is my first Christmas with my baby boy, Zephyr, so I can’t wait.”

Nick Knowles
“Drinking too much, eating too much and then falling asleep on the sofa. We’re no longer allowed to play board games. It gets horribly competitive and it takes me a long time to calm down afterwards.”

Tess Daly
“I can’t wait to take my high heels off, put my feet up and eat a box of mince pies in one sitting.”


Lenny Henry
“My television show is going to be on over Christmas, so all I want is to watch that with my family around me. It is all about me being funny – it’s going to be fantastic!”

This is an edited version of an article from the issue of Radio Times published on 1 December 2011