Sex, drink and Paul Daniels: The Krankies confess to their wild past

Janette and Ian Tough have revealed their saucy hidden history in a new interview

It’s been a bumper year for sex scandals, with everyone from “world famous” actors to writ-happy professional footballers dropping their kecks left, right and centre, but one licentious fact no one could have seen coming in 2011 is the revelation that beloved children’s entertainers The Krankies used to be a pair of wild-living swingers. Jings!


Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland, Janette and Ian Tough, the married couple who played “Wee” Jimmy Krankie and “his” father, Ian, on TV in the 70s and 80s, revealed that their attitude to sex was “anywhere, any time.”

The Crackerjack stars confessed that they’d had a fan-dabi-dozi time in their heyday, each enjoying “ding-dongs” with people outside their marriage.

However Janette qualified their extramarital fun, saying: “We weren’t behind each other’s backs. We knew what each other was sort of up to.”

And illicit rumpy-pumpy wasn’t all that the comedy duo indulged in back in the day, as they also revealed that they’d once trashed Status Quo’s tour bus and that Ian had knocked magician Paul Daniels down with a single punch in a bar on one occasion.

“I was a bit punchy when I was in my 30s,” said Ian.

“I think he must have said something to contradict what I was saying.

“I’d likely had a drink and was talking rubbish and I just went bang and he went off the chair and the whole bar applauded and said it was time somebody did that.”

Their shenanigans also nearly saw them stranded at sea after a steamy afternoon aboard a boat, an anecdote Janette shared with presenter Edi Stark, saying: “We had a little boat, it was only a little 12ft boat and we went out for Sunday lunch one day.

“We thought we would get a bit romantic on this boat out at sea and we nearly ended up in France.”

However the threat of their libertine lifestyle coming to light put an end to their fun during the 80s after Ian realised the couple were “playing with fire”.

“Today it would be in the papers instantly. In those days people were very good,” he added.

The Toughs met in Glasgow in 1966 before marrying three years later. As their stage act of a naughty schoolboy and his father, The Krankies found fame on Crackerjack before going on to present their own series, The Krankies Klub, on ITV.

The couple are currently appearing in pantomime at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow in Robinson Crusoe and The Caribbean Pirates.