Doctor Who: “The assumption that the audience is intelligent has paid off” says Steven Moffat

And Matt Smith reveals Doctor Who is becoming a download phenomenon in the USA


Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has rebutted criticism from those who accuse new Who of being too complicated, claiming that the reason his shows do so well is because they challenge a “clever” audience.


“The assumption that the audience is intelligent has paid off hugely for us, not just on Doctor Who, but on Sherlock,” said Moffat, speaking to Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning.  

“I’m doing two shows that assume the audience is reasonably smart, and they’re both doing incredibly well. Maybe the news is that people are clever,” he added. 

Current Doctor Who star Matt Smith agreed with his boss – stating that children he’s met have no problems understanding the stories – and suggested the show has far fewer complaints of this nature stateside.  

“Listen, people take from any series what they want,” said Smith. “In America they embrace the complexities, because it has that kind of science-fiction culture where they like all those hidden meanings, messages and all the rest of it.”

And good news for Who-lovers of the world… it looks like the BBC sci-fi show has now broken America big time.

“It [Doctor Who] is the most downloaded show in the whole world, above Glee, above Mad Men,” said Smith excitedly.


Moffat confirmed the news: “In American iTunes, its number one is Doctor Who.”