You’ve Been Tubed: from Jon Hamm to Saul Bass

Also in this week's best viral video clips: skilful urinating and fighting Frenchmen


1. Jon Hamm does The Robot


Hunky dish-cake Jon Hamm has always been willing to send himself up – in fact it’s hard to catch him not goofing off when he he’s not filling Don Draper’s suit. But the Mad Men dream-ship has outdone himself with this turn in US sitcom The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.

Playing himself, Hamm has a scene with a character called Dave (played by Blake Harrison aka Neil from The Inbetweeners, who disorientatingly isn’t a dangerous loon here). Dave employs him to impersonate a 1970s computer. Hamm struggles with this brief. 

It’s a clip of Jon Hamm making a series of stupid noises. Is he still sexy, ladies? Eh? EH?

2. Lil’ Khaliyl

This newfangled hipperty-hopperty music? Tsk. What a racket. You can’t make out half the words. Not a problem with new rap star Khaliyl who, because he’s only two years old, doesn’t let syntax interfere with the freshness of his flow. Confident, engaging and bang on time, Khaliyl’s only weakness is his relatively gigantic hype man, who crashes in halfway through with some vastly inferior MCing of his own, in a desperate attempt to cling onto Khaliyl’s coat-tails. Not that Khaliyl is wearing a coat. He’s got his jim-jams on.

3. Don’t worry, they do the “Nintendo Wee” joke

Is the best solution to men urinating on the floor of pub toilets – confusing them with a “streaming” video game? As this ITN news report reveals, one London publican thinks so. He says he hopes his whizzy new toys will attract new customers. Four pints of tap water please, guv.

4. Mon père could fight… well, you actually

Moving scenes on a French rugby pitch as a brawl breaks out and France forward Imanol Harinordoquy, playing for Biarritz against fierce Basque rivals Bayonne, starts taking a pasting. Who’s that old man running on to the pitch to get involved? Is he crazy? No, he’s just protecting his little boy: it’s Harinordoquy’s dad! Keep watching for the inspirational sight of the English referee rather impressively disciplining massive flankers in his halting French.

5. The genius of Saul Bass


You’ll already know that Saul Bass was the greatest cinema title designer of them all, but this mix of his best work might still surprise you with how ineffably super-cool it is. From his early creations for films like Carmen Jones, through Hitchcock and up to Martin Scorsese movies in the 1990s, Bass managed to be highly imaginative, exactly in tune with each project, and immediately recognisable. Awesome.