X Factor 2011: Behind-the-scenes video of Tulisa’s Radio Times photoshoot

See the Female Boss in all manner of dazzling outfits and striking poses


When I first heard that we were going to be shooting the feisty X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos for a spread in our magazine, I had no idea how glamorous the whole experience was going to be.


As I arrived at the studio Tulisa was having her hair transformed from a long, sleek mane into a compact bun atop her head, which required a couple of hairdressers and a fair amount of hairspray. 

And once the former N-Dubz star was released from the stylist’s chair, she disappeared into a veritable fashionista’s Aladdin’s cave, packed with sparkling outfits as far as the eye could see.

When she emerged from behind the changing room’s curtain it became clear that the theme of the day was glitz, Tulisa lighting up the room in a dazzling silver number. She laughed and joked with her entourage while the photographer set up, and before long she was striking poses in front of a giant, sequined red X we’d had installed in the studio.

A few hundred megabytes of digital snapping later and she disappeared back into the wardrobe, this time reappearing in a tight black outfit and then, later, a dress that was one part Sex and the City and one part chandelier, ending the shoot stretched out along our prop and cradling her tour manager’s pet dog.


Once back into her civvies, there was just time to say a quick hello to camera before she headed off into a quiet corner to do an interview, which you can read in this week’s Radio Times