Christmas gift guide: TV and film merchandise

From Doctor Who to Downton, Harry Potter to Darth Vader, Tulisa to Frankie Cocozza - some top gift ideas

Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers


Get your hands on the eleventh Doctor’s faithful companion – no, not Amy Pond, his sonic screwdriver. 

Simply press a button on the side to extend the head and open the claws, press the other button to activate the flashing LED light and four different sound effects, and flip open the cap to reveal yet another light and sound effects button. Or customise a sonic screwdriver to make it your very own.

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Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters

This replica of the Monster Book of Monsters from the Harry Potter movies is a place to store your most precious possessions. Gently stroke the spine and watch it come to life with teeth-gnashing action and authentic sound effects. Only you can open the book using a special combination of strokes.

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Stars Wars Ultimate FX lightsabers

Nothing says Christmas like a massive Jedi lightsabre fight. These light-up LED blades are like giant fairy lights and the authentic noise is like a team of reindeer blowing off. Well, anyway… they’re some of the most authentic toy lightsabers available, featuring motion sensor-controlled sound effects and available in Anakin or Darth Vader versions. Ho, ho, ho – may the Force be with you!

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I Love Frankie Cocozza X-Factor mug

Frankie says relax – with a nice cup of tea in this possibly unofficial X Factor mug.

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Strictly Come Dancing: Anton and Erin dresses

Available in salsa, jive, foxtrot, quick-step, rock ‘n’ roll and tango versions – and in kids’ sizes for those aspiring Erins.

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TFB by Tulisa eau de parfum 100ml

Reek like The Female Boss, by splashing out and splashing on X Factor judge Tulisa’s heady scent.

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Downton Abbey official 2012 calendar

Your house isn’t as opulent or luxurious as Downton Abbey, but it probably has walls – why not hang this on one of them and dream of how things might have been?

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MasterChef: The Professionals

Two cook books, from the modest Michelin-starred chef and the tubby, balding bloke who likes Angel Delight. 

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Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo Toy

This is one of the most sought-after toys of Christmas 2011, allowing youngsters to sing along with Elmo, play instruments and generally make a racket. Buy it for someone with young kids and watch as you are rewarded by hard, hateful glares.

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Fireman Sam Pontypandy Multi-Rescue Set and figures

This is another of this year’s top Christmas toys. Described as a “multi-disaster playset”, it offers children a number of hazardous scenarios to enjoy, including head-in-railings, cat-up-a-tree, fire and collapsing floors.


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