Meet the stars who are mad for Super Tiny Animals

The Beckhams and Jonathan Ross are among the celebrities who love to keep teeny-weeny pets

It’s the fashion trend that swept Hollywood – miniature pets. Super Tiny Animals (tonight at 7:30pm on ITV1) follows the American owners of super-small cats, dogs and horses. But the craze hasn’t just taken hold in the US – several home-grown stars stand united with Paris Hilton in their love for the gorgeous little creatures.


Jonathan Ross

The chat-show host keeps two miniature pigs, alongside sheep, ferrets and goldfish, in the grounds of his home in north London. He once Tweeted: “Fed the pigs left-over veggie curry and oats. They are happy pigs now. I like it when they are happy.”

Charlotte Church

Devon farmer Chris Murray sold a pair of white, ginger and brown pigs to the singer and her then-boyfriend Gavin Henson a few years ago. “She is brilliant with animals,” Murray recalls. Who has retained custody of the animals now that they’ve split up? “I called them to find out, but they’ve changed their numbers,” he says sadly.

Victoria and David Beckham

Victoria bought a pair of 13lb micropigs – she christened them Elton John and David Furnish – as Christmas presents for David two years ago.

Rupert Grint

“I’ve got a lot of miniature animals,” says the Harry Potter star who, as well as two micro-pigs, has miniature donkeys and and mini hedgehogs. “It’s kind of turning into a bit of a farm.”

Paris Hilton

Her mini-pig is a pot-bellied one. She’s even taken the poor creature out on the town with her, instantly making the pigs fashionable among a certain class of impressionable person. 

Enjoy our Super Tiny Animals micro-pets gallery


This is an edited version of an article from the issue of Radio Times magazine that went on sale 22 November 2011.