Martin Scorsese warns against the rise of “theme-park films”

Sir Ben Kingsley says he understands the director's reaction against "popcorn" movies


Director Martin Scorsese says effects-laden blockbusters have “taken away serious film-going and serious film consideration.”


“We have to react against the theme park film, as well made as they are, and as enjoyable as some of them are,” he told the BBC.

Scorsese is best known for gritty crime dramas such as Mean Streets, Goodfellas and Gangs of New York but his latest movie is animated family film Hugo, the director’s first foray into 3D.

The film’s royal premiere on Monday was attended by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, as well as actors including Sir Ben Kingsley.

Kingsley said he understood Scorsese’s worries about the continued rise of “popcorn” films. “I think there’s a reaction against these movies,” he said.

“There are six or seven myths around which all our literature is based. I think there is an anxiety amongst certain film-makers that the thread that connects what we do to these ancient, life-affirming myths is going to snap.


“Once that disconnect happens, the film is drifting. It’s just a series of noises and effects.”