What’s the one TV show you can’t do without on Christmas Day?

Take our quick survey and let us know about your yuletide televisual habits...

Ah, Christmas and TV, they’re the perfect pair – they go together like Tom and Jerry, Robson and Jerome or Simon Cowell and Sinitta.


Although it’s the season for giving and receiving, eating and drinking and spending time with loved ones, Christmas – for many of us – is also a period for enjoying some quality time with the telly. 

But what type of Christmas telly addict are you? We want to know…

Do you tune in to your first Christmas special with breakfast, or wait until after lunch?  Are you a stickler for the Queen’s speech in HD or did you prefer Christmas telly when it was all in black and white?

The survey will only take a couple of minutes, and who knows – you might learn something about yourself along the way. 


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