Doctor Who: Matt Smith strips off for Children in Need

A topless photo of Matt Smith in front of the Tardis has got us all a bit flustered...


The Doctor, naked? Matt Smith with his kit off? Tantalising Time Lord titillation? Well, that’s how it appears from a photo leaked to (and possibly some other news organisations) ahead of tonight’s Children in Need.


It’s become an annual tradition for the charity extravaganza to feature an exclusive preview or sketch from Doctor Who but, to our knowledge, none have involved a topless Time Lord. Which looks like making this year’s skit a first…

The picture above clearly shows the Doctor bare-chested, and although we can’t see below the waist there seems (to us, at least) to be a clear implication that Matt Smith is entirely naked (why he’s holding up five fingers, we couldn’t even begin to guess).

To discover the full, naked truth, tune in to Children in Need tonight.


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