BBC1 to revive Jim’ll Fix It for Christmas – with Shane Richie

One-off edition of classic show to air in tribute to Sir Jimmy Savile


Jim’ll Fix It will be revived on BBC1 this Christmas, in a one-off special presented by Shane Richie.


The family entertainment show, devised by Radio 1 DJ and Top of the Pops host Jimmy Savile and presented by him between 1975 and 1994, granted the wishes of young viewers who wrote in.

Savile died last month, aged 84. “I think it will be a great tribute to Jimmy to recreate his famous show as a Christmas treat for audiences,” said BBC1 controller Danny Cohen.

The revival will feature the show’s original theme tune – but “with a modern twist”. 

Your email is only the start of it: if you’re under 14 and have a wish you’d like Shane to fix for you, write to by 25 November. It’s thought that at least one of the new fix-its will have an Olympic theme.

“It was compulsive television in our house,” said Richie of the old series, “and all my friends would talk about the fix-its. I even wrote in but wasn’t one of the lucky ones! I’m honoured to be part of this and salute Sir Jimmy – and fix it for a new generation.”

He added: “On being asked what my memories were of the iconic series, the visions of stories and people came flooding back.”


The show was previously revived by UKTV Gold in 2007, revisiting memorable moments from past series.