I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2011 contestant guide

Here they are, the names you've all been waiting for - well, some of you...

It’s the greatest programme to be set in rural Australia since The Flying Doctors, and this Sunday it returns to our screens. Yep, we’re almost at that time of year when eating kangaroo testicles on primetime television is not only acceptable, it is actively encouraged.


Yes, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2011 is almost upon us. Can you contain your excitement?

So here they are – the ten celebrities heading into the jungle for the 11th series of the Ant and Dec-fronted entertainment show:


Freddie Starr

Age: 68

Phobias: “I don’t like putting my hands in a hole and not knowing what is in there.”

Missing any special occasion? “No, but I am going to miss my fiancée, Sophie. We have never spent a day apart.”

Relationship status: engaged

The risqué comic was at the centre of one of Britain’s most famous ever newspaper headlines – “Freddie Starr ate my hamster” – but says he won’t be tucking into any live animals in the jungle, witchetty grubs excepted.

Mark Wright

Age: 24

Phobias: “I do have some but I don’t want to say what they are!”

The 24-year-old star of The Only Way Is Essex has been looking for new ways to expand his fame – and his bank balance – since the ITV2 structured reality show catapulted him into the public eye last year. What better way than with an extended Iceland ad?

Lorraine Chase

Age: 60

Phobias: “I am the same as everyone else. Most of us don’t like spiders, don’t want our face against a rat and would not choose to be near a snake.”

Relationship status: single

The 60-year-old model and actress is best known as the star of the long-running Campari adverts of the 1970s, and as Emmerdale’s Tricia Stokes. She has described the call-up to I’m a Celebrity… as “a blessing”. Will she still be thinking that when staring into the Long Drop?

Willie Carson

Age: 68 (but turns 69 on 16 Nov)

Phobias: “Heights.”

Missing any special occasions? “Yes, I am letting down quite a few people in terms of social occasions. I only decided to go in the jungle a couple of weeks beforehand.”

Relationship status: married

The five-times British champion jockey is already a legend, but expects his street cred to go through the roof when his grandchildren find out he’s appearing on I’m a Celebrity…

Crissy Rock

Age: 53

Phobias: “Bungee jumping.”

Missing any special occasion? “Aside from Bingo, no!”

Relationship status: single

Joining her fellow scouser Freddie Starr, the Benidorm actress promises to sink her teeth into anything the Aussie jungle has to offer. Her false teeth, that is. It’s rumoured that the 53-year-old is worried about the embarrassment of losing them in the Bushtucker trial. As if munching on a spider’s rectum wasn’t enough already…

Stefanie Powers

Age: 69

Phobias: “None.”

Missing any special occasions? “No. As an actress you understand and tolerate long absences.”

Relationship status: “I am attached.”

Another elder celeb to join the bunch, the sophisticated actress should bring a bit of class to the show (certainly a challenge, looking at past years). She lives in three countries, speaks eight languages and is a “cultural scholar”. This show will certainly be an interesting study for her.

Fatima Whitbread

Age: 50

Phobias: “Jumping out of a plane.”

Missing any special occasions? “My best friend’s birthday.”

Relationship status: single

Having won two Olympic medals for her javelin throwing, the British athlete now has her eye on the outback’s cash prize. She’ll certainly inject some energy into proceedings, but will the sportswoman in her make her ruthlessly competitive?

Jessica Jane Clement

Age: 26

Phobias: “Spiders. I have been having nightmares about them!”

Missing any special occasions: “I have just got engaged – I have had to put the celebrations on ice until I return from the jungle.”

Relationship status: engaged

The former glamour model is being billed as the “eye candy” for this year’s rumble in the jungle. Having made her name as a phoney scam artist on BBC3’s The Real Hustle, could she be this year’s devious one, too?

Dougie Poynter

Age: 23

Phobias: “I have got one huge phobia that I can’t talk about. It’s weird.”

Missing any special occasion? “It’s my birthday in the jungle.”

Relationship status: “I ain’t too sure at the moment. Ask her.”

While his bandmate Harry struts his stuff amid the glamour of Strictly, the McFly guitarist will be slumming it in with the snakes and spiders. The pop rocker, 23, did a stint in rehab earlier this year, but the outback could prove an even bigger challenge.

Antony Cotton

Age: 36

Phobias: “Flying, heights, and claustrophobia.”

Missing any special occasions? “The filming of Katherine Kelly’s final scene in Coronation Street and her leaving do.”

Relationship status: “I never discuss my private life.”


The Corrie star also known as Sean Tully has undergone therapy and hypnosis sessions to help him conquer his plethora of fears. He reckons he has a lot to offer, though. He’s a good cook, is practical and sees himself as a leader. Will the others agree with all or, indeed, any of that?