Designer Pudsey on sale for Children in Need

Fashion industry remakes everybody's favourite bear to raise cash for a good cause


For his 25th anniversary year, the lovable yellow Pudsey with his endearing eye patch is being celebrated by fashion designers, who have created a new range of bears to raise money for Children in Need.


Nine new Pudseys have been made by top designers, including Erdem, Henry Holland and Katie Hillier, and the whole Designer Pudsey Collection will be displayed at Liberty’s in London from 7 to 19 November. After that, all nine will be auctioned off and you can bid for any or all of them on the BBC Children in Need site.

Hillier said: “Almost all of the influences for my own label come from children’s books, childhood memories of mine or from a playful childlike point of view. I’m so honoured to have been able to be involved.”

Designer Henry Holland, who’s contributed a tartan Pudsey, said: “Pudsey was great to work with and not as much of a diva as I had thought!”


The original Pudsey was a brown bear designed in the early 1980s by BBC designer Joanna Ball. It was first shown in that form in the 1985 edition of the show but was revised into the familiar yellow look for the 1986 show.