Could you be a Mastermind?

Test whether you have the knowledge to succeed - time wasters need not apply


Test yourself against the actual questions put to would-be contestants in the auditions. Answers below but no peeking. Your time starts now…


What name is shared by six British kings, the first of whom came to the throne in 1714 and the last in 1936?

2 Which golfer captained the European Ryder Cup team to victory in 2010? 

3 Which white cheese, that can be produced from sheep or goat’s milk, is associated with Cyprus and traditionally served grilled or fried? 

4 What is the capital and chief port of Jamaica? 

5 In January 2011, who was made Shadow Chancellor after the resignation of Alan Johnson? 

6 Which author is best known for the books Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm? 

7 What name for a young hen, especially one less than a year old, comes from the Old French for ‘little chicken’? 

8 In Greek mythology, what was the name of the ship in which Jason and his crew sailed to Colchis, in search of the Golden Fleece? 

9 Venus and which other planet in the solar system have no known moon? 

10 What name is given to the rounded grassy hills usually composed of chalk found in English counties such as Kent and Sussex?


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1 George
2 Colin Montgomerie
3 Halloumi
4 Kingston
5 Ed Balls
6 George Orwell
7 Pullet
8 Argo
9 Mercury
10 Downs