Vampire reality bites for Channel 4

Cameras follow US teenagers who believe they are werewolves and vampires

File this one under the regular Channel 4 category of a documentary that sounds like it’s going to be a joke, but is serious and may turn out to be fascinating: Teenage Vampires will air next week.


It’s about what the channel calls “a new phenomenon of bloodthirsty real-life teen vampires” that are presumably the result of how “vampires are being resurrected across popular culture from Twilight to True Blood”. It’s not just films and TV, there’s also a part for the internet to play as it brings together these teens in “packs”.

The film will look at the whole subculture by focusing on two people in Texas: Michal, who says she realised she was a vampire in her early teens, and David, who has been “out of the coffin” since he was 12.

They both drink blood, they both call themselves vampires and they also hang out with a group called the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack. This is just one of several packs around San Antonio, Texas, and while each is a mix of self-proclaimed vampires and werewolves, each takes itself and its members totally seriously.

You’re judging these people already but that’s the other point of the film: it’s about prejudice and why we cling together under names and groups we choose to belong to.


It’s also about being the parent of a teenage vampire, the questions they have for their children and the questions they have for themselves about why they resist being human.