Strictly Come Dancing 2011: week five review

There was a real fright in store for one contestant in this week's Halloween special...


Ding, dong, Dell’Olio’s gone… For one scary moment I thought she would knock out Audley as well, but justice finally prevailed and we got to say arrivederci to the “most famous Italian woman in Britain today”.


Knowing Nancy, she probably feels she outdanced the rest of the contestants put together – and some of the professionals, too – but Anton must have woken up this morning thanking his lucky stars that he doesn’t ever have to step into a studio with her again.

The fact that he spent all of last week having to teach her the rumba explains his horror at them surviving the previous elimination – I bet it took all of his strength not to nail that coffin shut. He may as well have – Bruno got his hammer out and hit the nail squarely on the head when he said she “danced like the living dead”.

Although to give her her due, Nancy wasn’t the only one. Audley’s jive was quite terrifying – he looked like Frankenstein on acid. From the head up he was having the time of his life, but his body just wasn’t willing. Whoever said boxers were light on their feet?

There was so much smoke surrounding Chelsee and Pacha’s tango that I couldn’t see any of their steps, although luckily that also meant I couldn’t see the wardrobe malfunction that thrilled hot-blooded males across the land. And while at the start of the series it looked surprisingly like the bad boy of football’s shyness would hold him back, now I think Robbie has come out of his shell a bit too much – it takes a lot to shock Craig, but the Savage’s horrifying hip-thrusting atop the judges’ desk certainly succeeded.

But along with the unpleasant tricks, Halloween week definitely also gave us some treats. Alex finally gave in to the music and committed to her performance with beautiful results, Anita was wickedly entertaining and, as brooding vampires go, Harry definitely gave Robert Pattinson a run for his money.

Lulu finally managed to enjoy herself and get her steps right, Jason quickstepped back to the top of the leaderboard with a bewitching performance and Holly made for a beautiful black swan.


But, as ever, the star of the night was that little devil Russell. When he waggled his pointy red tail with such joy and enthusiasm it was Strictly gold – no wonder this series is doing better than ever!