Grayson Perry: “The art world is out of touch”

The cross-dressing artist says there’s no room for Banksy and co in the establishment

Artist, biker, transvestite and Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry has criticised the art establishment for being out of touch with ordinary people.


“The art world is not engaged with the real world,” Perry told Radio Times in an interview in the new issue. “There is no popular wing to it.”

Perry, who is the subject of an episode of BBC1’s Imagine… next week, said artists such as Banksy were shunned by art elitists, despite – or perhaps because of – their popularity.

“Who are the popular artists these days? Banksy. Jack Vettriano. Beryl Cook. You won’t find them hanging in the Tate. Almost because of the fact they are pop stars.”

Read the full interview with Grayson Perry – in which he talks about his transvestism, his art and his beloved teddy bear, Alan Measles – in the latest issue of Radio Times, on sale now.


Imagine… Grayson Perry and the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman airs on Tuesday 1 November at 10:35pm on BBC1