You’ve Been Tubed: from Bill Clinton to Bradley Walsh

The week's best online viral videos: also featuring ping pong, the Stone Roses and Mitt Romney

1. The Clinton Foundation celebrity brainstorm


An all-star cast appears in this slick promo sketch for Bill Clinton’s big charity. And we really mean all-star: Stiller. Damon. Penn. Wiig. Black. Danson. Danson’s wife.

A serious contender for the best ever corpsing clip. On ITV1 teatime quiz The Chaser – in which contestants compete with a quizzing expert who sits imposingly at the top of a big neon slide – host Bradley Walsh loses it completely when faced with the name of German sportswoman Fanny Chmelar. (“Ch” being pronounced, in German, as “Sh”.) It’s not the laughing, it’s the contortions Walsh goes through as he uses every sinew of his being in an effort to stop. Bonus points for a terrific, high-pitched laugh-talk when Walsh does finally attempt to speak.

3. Chinese robots play ping pong

Finally, a better solution for the lone table tennis enthusiast than propping up the other half of the table vertically. It’s hopeless, it’s like playing against Superman. And hitting it very gently and trying to run round and return your own shot is just ridiculous. Anyway, the boffins at Zhejiang Uni in China have made robots with sufficient co-ordination and reflexes to pat the ball back and forth quite competently. Germany, Japan and Vietnam are also hot on ping-pong robots, opening up the possibility of a Robot Table Tennis World Cup.

4. The Stone Roses do University Challenge

The strangest TV mash-up in quite a while: someone’s noticed that the Stone Roses reunion press conference featured them sitting behind a desk in a row of four, a bit like teams on University Challenge. A bit. Funny, though.

5. Mitt Romney: “I will force spiders and badgers on the enemy”


Popular in the States for a while, but making ripples in the UK this week: Bad Lip-Reading, a brilliantly simple comedy website that re-voices public figures based on what they might be saying if you read their lips with the sound off. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is the latest victim. If you’ve not seen it, you will cry laughing. It’s also worth hunting down BLR’s version of Michele Bachmann, and their insane re-recording of Michael Bublé.