The only way is America for TOWIE

The Essex gang become an on-demand hit stateside


It looks like the American love affair with British fairy tales extends beyond Kate, William and the royal family – yep, our US cousins have finally seen the merits of another of this nation’s great stories – namely, The Only Way Is Essex.  


This week the ITV2 structured reality ratings behemoth debuted on American on-demand service Hulu, and within hours it became one of the most viewed shows on the platform. Apparently lip gloss, fake tan and the celebration of stupidity have struck a chord stateside and now talks are under way to fully distribute TOWIE series three through Hulu.  

“As well as looking to drive new revenues, we wanted to use Hulu to see if US audiences had an appetite for TOWIE,” said Andy Taylor, digital media director of All3Media, who make the programme through Lime Pictures.

He added: “In the first couple of days, the show has performed significantly above
our expectations so it looks like Vajazzle sales are set to surge on
the other side of the Atlantic.”  

TOWIE was screened through the ad-supported version of Hulu, rather than the premium service, to maximise interest in the show – and it looks like it worked.


Hulu is a joint venture owned by three American TV networks, ABC, NBC and Fox – so if the antics of Mark Wright, Joey Essex and Lauren Pope continue to enthuse online, who knows – perhaps the show will end up playing after the Superbowl one day? Or not.