Six and a half cracking Star Wars parodies

Watch some classic spoofs from film and TV


The news that Lucasfilm have thrown their lot in with Star Wars superfan Seth Green to create a new animated sitcom based on the mega-grossing movie franchise has caused a disturbance in the Force.  So much so that we thought we’d best set the controls for hyperspace and journey to a website far, far away (YouTube) to dig out the best TV Star Wars parodies that have been archived there. So enjoy or enjoy not; there is no try…


1. Spaceballs Mel Brooks’ spoof mightn’t be his best work, but any Star Wars parody that includes a character called Pizza the Hutt’s got to be worth something, right?

2. Family Guy The Simpsons’ younger, brasher rival has produced its own trilogy of frighteningly faithful Star Wars spoofs, with It’s a Trap! being the latest and a spoof of Return of the Jedi.

3. French and Saunders Before RedLetterMedia started ripping apart the nonsense dialogue from The Phantom Menace, it was up to these stalwarts of British comedy to give it their best shot…

4. Robot Chicken Anyone wanting a hint of what Green might get up to in his new Star Wars sitcom could do worse than take a look at his work with Robot Chicken, which lampoons George Lucas’s franchise in the most leftfield ways.

5. The Simpsons Matt Groening’s animated show’s riffed on Star Wars quite a lot throughout its history, even featuring Mark Hamil as Luke Skywalker in one episode, though shorter jokes about the series crops up from time to time:

6. Cops Ever wondered what it’s like working the Tatooine patrol as a Stormtrooper? The makers of documentary series Cops evidently did, and sent their cameras to find out…

6 1/2. Adam & Joe Brilliantly made parodies using the 1977 Star Wars action figures, which, alas, we can’t show you here. You can watch ’em on YouTube though


What’s your favourite Star Wars parody? Looking forward to the new Seth Green show? Post a comment and let us know…