New animated Star Wars parody from Lucasfilm and Seth Green

Officially sanctioned spoof expected to debut within the next two years


It’s been spoofed by everyone from Mel Brooks to Adam & Joe, but reports indicate that there’s another Star Wars parody afoot in the form of a new animated TV sitcom by US comic Seth Green based on the films.


The new show will be the first official Star Wars parody to date, being produced by Lucasfilm, the Hollywood production company behind the Star Wars movies.

Green, who voices Chris Griffin on Family Guy and who has already parodied Star Wars on that show and as part of the Robot Chicken team, is said to be currently working on the series, with the programme expected to premiere “within the next two years”, according to Lucasfilm spokesman Howard Roffman.

Details about the new show are scarce, but it will apparently take inspiration from French & Saunders’ 1999 parody of The Phantom Menace.

Roffman made his comments at the Brand Licensing Convention in London, adding that in addition to the animated series, a live action TV series based on Star Wars was also under consideration, assuming certain technical limitations can be overcome.

“We have to solve the problem of not being able to produce movie quality programming on a TV budget,” said the spokesman.


The Star Wars films will also return to the big screen next year in 3D, with The Phantom Menace due to be rereleased in February.