Jamie Oliver: chefs shouldn’t swear

Mentioning no names, Gordon, Jamie has hit out at his foul-mouthed colleagues

Jamie Oliver has had a pop at sweary chefs, despite having been picked up for his own four-letter on-screen tirades.


“I don’t like chefs that go round shouting and swearing,” Jamie told Radio Times.

“If they treated my students like that they’d get pans round their heads. You can’t do it.

“Working with kids who have had a difficult time, you can’t bully them, because that’s all they’ve ever had. You’ve got to make it as fun as possible.”

Jamie has been known to let fly with a curse or two of his own on his TV campaign shows.

Following complaints in 2009, he said: “I’ll have to make an effort not to swear, or hope that the production company covers my a*** and edits out all that naughty swearing.”

But Jamie says there’s a difference between an impassioned rant on a documentary and swearing on a cookery show, which is “not appropriate”.

The star also told Radio Times that in the past chefs had been given too much respect, making cooking less accessible to ordinary people.

“Back then, a lot of my counterparts on TV were in chef whites. We respected them way too much – the way we respected doctors or nurses. And that made the information [they were imparting] more exclusive.”

Jamie’s new show Jamie’s Great Britain starts on Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 4, and will see the chef celebrating classic British dishes and their multi-cultural origins.


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