New vampire to join Being Human series four

Aidan Turner’s Mitchell to be replaced by “very, very posh” bloodsucker


Mitchell the vampire is dust – but a new member of the undead is set to take his place in Being Human.


The rogue bloodsucker played by Aidan Turner met his end at the climax of series three of BBC3’s supernatural drama, and now fellow Irishman Damien Molony has been named as his successor.

Molony will join George and Nina the werewolves (Russell Tovey and Sinead Keenan) and Annie the ghost (Lenora Crichlow) in arguably the strangest house-share in TV history.

“The central premise of Being Human has always been that there is a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together, so we needed a new vampire,” said a BBC3 spokesperson.

Fresh out of drama school, Molony plays Hal, an English vampire who he describes as “Very, very posh. Very upper class. A stiff upper-lipped Brit.”

“[It’s] a bit of a push for my accent,” he told sci-fi magazine SFX, “but it makes it a lot more fun.” 

Molony also reassured Mitchell fans that his character is not a direct replacement for his predecessor: “Hal’s not Mitchell 2. There’s a lot of back story to play with and I assure you he’s very, very different.”

That begins with Hal’s sartorial choices – a far cry from with Mitchell’s leather-jacketed bad boy. “At the start, [Hal] is a tweed suits man – very, very well dressed. Pressed shirts and cufflinks,” said Molony.


Being Human is written and created by Toby Whithouse. Filming on series four is taking place now, with the show set to air early in 2012.