DVD review: Shoestring Series One

Trevor Eve's breakthrough role as a Bristol-based DJ detective comes to DVD at last

Shoestring: Series 1
4 stars


Long before Trevor Eve started investigating cold cases as Peter Boyd on Waking the Dead, he starred as “private ear” Eddie Shoestring, an offbeat detective with his own show on Bristol’s Radio West.

What makes the drama so appealing is the fact that Shoestring is battling not only the bad guys but also his inner demons: Eddie’s job as a sleuth is his second choice of occupation following a stint as a computer programmer that led to a nervous breakdown and a spell in an institution. Concerns about typecasting led to Eve quitting the role in 1980 after two series (the production team took story ideas and relocated them to Jersey, thus creating Bergerac), but these episodes will leave you craving a 21st-century revival.


Format: DVD